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Fairlie McIlwraith PhD
Freelance editor and writer
editing for excellence


Professional polish


I ensure your writing is clear and precise. I follow the Style manual for authors, editors and printers which was commissioned by the Australian Government; but I am happy to follow the style guide of your choice (e.g. Chicago manual of style, in-house guide).


Academic, business and personal documents


I edit all types of writing and specialise in editing theses and reports, web content, and nonfiction. I am experienced at working with writers whose first language isn't English. Edits are made using Microsoft Word track changes.


Three levels of editing


  • structural editing—the big picture edit

  • copyediting—detailed, line by line editing

  • proofreading—the final check


You may wish to engage me for all three editing phases or one or two of these. Often there is overlap so please discuss your requirements with me.


Email your document (or a mid-section with total word count) to fairlie@wordstyle.ws and I will provide you with a quote. 


Once we have agreed on the editing to be done (level, style, timeframe) and the cost*, I will require 50% of the quoted price before commencing work. Payment is a straightforward process using electronic funds transfer. 



*COST: I am unable to provide a comprehensive price list due to the varied range of services; but I will give you an obligation-free quote within 24 hours. 




Academic and business

Reports, applications and submissions, manuals, brochures, web text


I write in plain English, producing clear, accurate and concise documents that are easy to read. I am experienced at working with quantitative and qualitative data, and gathering information from a variety of sources.



Eulogies, memoirs


I write the stories and sentiments you wish to convey in a style that fits the content. I will work from the documents you provide, and I am also happy to undertake interviews to gather information.




I rewrite existing documents that need changing—shaping, expanding or simplifying the document to suit the intended audience.



Email fairlie@wordstyle.ws or phone me on 0429 873 252 to discuss your requirements. When I have a clear understanding of the work involved, I will give you a written quote. If you already have a budget for the project, I am happy to discuss what I can do for you.


I will work out a payment plan with you that will include an initial payment prior to commencement. Payment is by electronic funds transfer.






I’m a word nerd and I get great satisfaction from editing and writing—I even get a buzz from public speaking. I like contributing to effective communication by polishing your writing so that it says what you want it to say, by writing clear and easy to read documents, or by engaging an audience as a speaker. Excellence in presentation is my goal.


My background in academia and project management has been invaluable in my career as an editor and writer. I have a PhD in public health from The University of Queensland and have spent many years in managing projects and programs in the health sector. Knowledge translation (making research accessible to the general public) has been one of my key interests, and editing fits nicely with this.


Besides teaching and research roles at The University of Queensland, I have also been employed by the university to copyedit/proofread doctoral theses and other academic documents, and have been a copyeditor for the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management. I am a member of the Institute of Professional Editors and keep my editing skills updated by continual professional development.


I enjoy editing and writing a wide variety of content—from chatty blogs to formal government reports.

Fairlie McIlwraith



Thank you Fairlie for the great work you did for me. You did a fantastic job and I got my doctorate degree within three months of my submission. 

You have a magic touch!


Anar Ulikpan PhD

As an overseas doctoral student, I was very happy and satisfied to use your editing service on my thesis and peer-reviewed journal articles. Your professional, constructive feedback and consistency helped me a lot in clarifying my arguments, linking my supporting evidence and improving my academic writing. I was also very impressed with your time commitment. It helped me in meeting thesis submission and journal deadlines. The last thing I would mention here is that the cost was reasonable in comparison with others. I would recommend this service to anyone, including not only those whose English is a secondary language, but also those who are struggling with academic writing.


Nam Tran

The University of Queensland


Fairlie is the em dash/en dash queen! Very keen eye for detail and her industry and academic experience means she has the ability to review content and structure, not just syntax and typos. Would definitely work with Fairlie again!


Sophie Hickey PhD

Senior Researcher


Fairlie McIlwraith

Word Style


8.30 am to 5 pm

Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia


Fill in the form and I will contact you within 24 hours. 

0429 873 252

Thanks so much Fairlie for helping me get the ‘about me’ section of my website sorted. I struggled with the wording and it was important for me to get it right. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.


Ellie Jackson

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