Editing your thesis

When editing your thesis, I follow the guidelines provided by the Institute of Professional Editors. I edit for:

  • clarity of expression and logical flow of wording

  • appropriate and consistent academic writing style

  • accuracy of grammar, Australian spelling, terminology, and punctuation.

I also check for consistency throughout the thesis and completeness.

Track changes

I use Microsoft Word track changes and it is up to you whether you accept or reject each edit. It is your thesis and you have the final responsibility for it.

Editing resources used

I edit according to the Style manual for authors, editors and printers, sixth edition and the Macquarie Dictionary, sixth edition. I am happy to follow a different style guide (e.g. The Chicago manual of style, Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, or in-house guide) if required.


I check that tables and figures are consistent in style and terminology. You may need to adjust formatting after editing changes have been made.

I also check the overall format and layout (e.g. consistency of headings and hierarchy).

Tables of content

These are left unedited and once you have accepted or rejected track changes in headings and titles, you will need to update, using the automatic update in Word.


I check references for consistency of style and typographical errors. If you require your reference list to be checked for completeness and each reference to be checked for accuracy, this needs to be negotiated as an additional task.

Returning your edited thesis

I wait until your whole thesis has been edited before returning it to you so that I can do a final check for consistency.

For further information

Email me at fairlie@wordstyle.ws

Cheers Fairlie


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